Llwyntidman, Llanymynech parish

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I have traced my ancestors back to the township of Llwyntidman in the parish of Llanymynech, which according to the 1841 census had quite a large number (maybe 100-200ish) inhabitants at the time. However, this township seems to be nothing more than a few farms nowadays. Does anyone have any information about Llwyntidman? The family surname is GRIFFITHS and was there from 1789 or earlier until c.1841. Thanks, Ben.

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I'm not familar with Llwyntidman, but you may find the following websites useful. The name Griffiths appears several times on them:





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Hello Ben

Llwyntidman seems to have had various spellings over the years including Llwyn-tidman and Llwyntidmon.

It is located where the road from Llanymynech to Maesbrook crosses the old Potteries railway line and can be seen on the old Ordnance Survey maps available on the National Library of Scotand web site.

This link takes you to a map from 1874-5 but there is another available for about 1902.


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I found the above very useful. My relaives living in Llwyntidman in 1840s were David Griffiths (Stonemason (sometimes Bricklayer) and his wife Elizabeth (nee Francis). Their daughter, my second g grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Griffiths was born in Llwyntidman on 31st December 1846.  I am researching epilepsy within the Griffiths family, if anyone out there has any more infornation of this I would be grateful. As far as I am aware, at least three generations following have had epilpsy (luckily not me!) but two died in Bicton (later Shelton Hospital, Shrewsbury) Asylum and one in Denbigh Asylum as a result.