Searching for MUNDY/MUNDAY Ancestors

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Sarah Mundy, daughter of Robert and Sarah MUNDY, was born in Wollerton and baptised in Hodnet, Shropshire, 1 December 1787.  I have searched the Hodnet parish registers and cannot find where Robert and Sarah MUNDAY came from/married  Can anyone help, please?  Sarah evidently travelled from Shropshire to Hambledon, Hampshire, where she married my 3ggfather, William NEWLAND in 1814.

Michael J Hulme
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There are two or three marriages which MAY be of your couple but how you can determine if any of them are correct or whether another unknown marriage is hiding out there somewhere is a real problem which you will have to work on.

I have found two marriages on FmP and Ancestry:-
Robert MUNDAY and Sarah HIDE on 15 Aug 1785 at St Nicholas, Abingdon, Berkshire
Robert MENDEY and Sarah LOVELL on 21 Oct 1776 at Westminster, Middlesex

There is also Banns on Ancestry for Robert MUNDAY and Sarah BLUNDEN on 22 Apr 1787 at St Marylebone, Westminster.  You should look at London Metropolitan Archives for more details on this one.