TOMPKINS family Richard's Castle 1800s (spouse name PRICE)

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I am seeking some help, please, from anyone with a keen interest and/or who is located in the Richard's Castle area.

My father's origins were unknown to me until fairly recently: he was orphaned at an early age and was brought up by relatives on his mother's side of the family.  He knew little or nothing about either side of his family.

I have traced my father's paternal ancestry back to George Tompkins (my paternal great grandfather), born in Richard's Castle in 1846.  He shows in the 1851 census as the grandson of the head of household, James Tompkins (b 1796) and his wife Jane, nee Price (b 1797).  George's mother seems to be Charlotte Tompkins (b c1829), so it appears that George was born out of wedlock.  Obviously, I can trace George forwards, but I am drawing a blank on Charlotte. Earlier censuses show siblings of Charlotte, but not Charlotte herself.  I have looked at Charlotte being a spouse (and her being put on the 1851 census as daughter in error) of the only known male progeny of James and Jane, but his birthdate (1834) seems to preclude this.  One of my vague suspicions is that Charlotte (b c1829) and Mary (b c1830) are one and the same.

The Tompkins family used various spellings of the surname (e.g. on George Tompkins son's military record).

I am wondering if anyone has intimate knowledge of the Tompkins family in Richard's Castle.  Jane Price was born in Richard's Castle, although James Tompkins was born in Pencombe.  They showed in the 1871 census in Richard's Castle.  Their deaths in 1872/1877 were registered in Ludlow/Hereford.  I have not located burial sites.  If one of both of the couple were still resident in Richard's Castle at the times of their deaths, then maybe they are buried there.  Does anyone know?

Incidentally, I am in the UK, and I would visit Richard's Castle if it would likely be worthwhile.  I don't know enough, yet, to make a decision.

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Hello Dianne - I am also searching the Tompkins (Tomkins) from Richards Castle. I have found Charlotte married and became Charlotte Bishop. Happy to share what I have.

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Hello Diane

You are probably aware by now that research in Richards Castle can be a little complicated because the boundary between Shropshire and Herefordshire passed through the village and there is a church in both counties - St Bartholemew's in Herefordshire and All Saints in Shropshire.

The Richards Castle parish registers up to 1900 are available on the Find my Past subscription web site as part of their Shropshire collection.

There are 12 TOMPKINS burials between 1571 and 1645 plus two more in 1872 which might interest you.

Jane TOMPKINS [of] The Green [was buried] ?? April 1872 age 75

James TOMPKINS [of] The Green [was buried] ?? May 1872 age 75

Unfortunately the Vicar did not include the actual day of burial in either of the these entries.

"The Green" is shown on the modern 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey map as an area located close the St Bartholemew's church.  You can see it on Bing Maps if you don't have a paper copy.  You will need to select Ordnance Survey from the map type drop down list in the top right hand corner and zoom in and out until the correct scale is on screen.